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THE hormone-free fertility-formula to improve the chances for a successful pregnancy

  • Proven in 3 clinical studies, also in women with PCOS
  • Regulates your cycle
  • Optimizes the maturation of the egg cell
  • Improves conditions for successful nidation (supports endometrium thickness)
  • Creates optimal conditions for a healthy development of the embryo

PROFERTIL® female should be taken from the time you plan to conceive until the onset of pregnancy.

Female cycle needs time to harmonize

We recommend the intake of at least 3 months to allow the supportive effect to fully develop.

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the 3-Month
Shipping to United States (US) is currently not available. Please contact us directly for more information about the availability in your country.

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Mandatory Information/Particulars according Art. 9, Par. 1 Food Information Regulation (FIR) (EU 1169/2011 dated 25.10.2011) for PROFERTIL® female (PDF)