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PROfertil® male

New product

PROfertil® is the first dietary food that helps improve sperm quality and thus in the treatment of male infertility. This treatment option with micronutrients has been proven to improve sperm quality.

Based on study reports we recommend a 3-month treatment to achieve the best therapy results.
The perfect couple to improve fertility in her & him. Add PROfertil® female to help restore her fertility step by step.
Mandatory Information/Particulars according Art. 9, Par. 1 Food Information Regulation (FIR) (EU 1169/2011 dated 25.10.2011) for PROfertil® (PDF)

160,49 € tax excl.

  • PROfertil® DL 180 – pack for 3 months
  • PROfertil® DL 60 – pack for 1 month